Sunday, January 24, 2010

January is Soup Month!

It rained all last week. For Southern California, that is an awful lot. It was pretty cold too, I know 40 degrees is not cold to some of my readers but it sure made it easy to break out the stock I made. I keep my stock frozen in quart-size freezer bags which are clearly labeled and dated. Soup is so good for you and stock is the perfect base for easy soup. It is a great way to clean out the fridge as well. First I heated my stock.  Then I chopped the veggies I found in the refrigerator which needed to be eaten.  I found celery, carrot, potato, and onion.  I quickly diced it into small pieces which were close to the same size.  This will keep them all cooked at the same time.  Put the celery, carrot and onion in the broth and simmered for about 30 mins so the flavors would enter the soup.
Then I added some chopped leftover steak and a potato as well as a bit of leftover pasta.When the potato and pasta were done, I salted the soup.  I sliced up some whole wheat and sesame barbari bread and slathered it with Organic Valley Pasture butter, which is a cultured butter full of omega 3's and CLA.  Basically it is the tastiest butter ever!  Dinner was ready.

Soup is so good for you, the ultimate comfort food, and is found in cultures all over the world.  People who eat soup often lose weight faster. Not only is it delicious, it is quite easy to make.  
Soup can bolster your immune system as well as detoxify your body.  It makes you feel so good inside too. A bowl of hot soup  can make you feel loved!  It can remind you of Grandma's house or a rainy day after school.  Soup is nutritious, a perfect food, easy to digest and perfect when you are sick!   Soup can make  bad day good, and a good day great!

Until next time, remember to enjoy Whole Tasty Food!

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  1. I have been making quite a bit of soup lately myself! I am trying to eliminate wheat out of the kids diets as well as my own and so have to be creative with their school lunches.. I find that now any meal leftovers are being turned into yummy soup!! it's fun, good for you and CHEAP!!!