Sunday, January 3, 2010

Marinated Lamb

So here is the lamb, you can see the paste over it. I am roasting itat 325 degrees for a couple of hours. When the juices start to drip I will slice potatoes and turnips and let them roast in the juices. The potatoes are organic, the turnips not.

I will only eat organic potatoes after I learned that regular potatoes are sprayed 5 times with chemicals to keep them from sprouting. Also any pestisides in the earth can leech into them. I suspect that any root vegetables have this problem, but spraying to prevent growth is mostly for potatoes.

  I can smell the roasting garlic as the meat cooks. Here is a picture of the lamb roasting in the oven. I have sliced organic potatoes and turnip cubes drizzled in olive oil roasting along side.  The meat drippings give so much flavor to the vegetables.   This is a fantastic meal to start off the New Year. I think my next blog will feature my famous cranberry-orange relish made entirely without processed sugar or sugar substitutes. Until then  Eat Whole Tasty Foods.

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