Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Not Baaaaaad!

This is the delicous lamb stew my husband Trey made from the leftover lamb leg. The meat was so tender and it combined nicely with sweet baby carrots, celery and onion. This is cooked up in a nice big cast iron dutch oven, gotta sneak in that iron!

It has always been tough for me to find food that I enjoy eating that is healthy too. This year at Thanksgiving, I struggled to find recipes for traditional foods that were on our eating program. ( Basically we follow the Maker's Diet with all non processed organic foods and grass fed meats and dairy with no hormones or antibiotics). Thus I created my Cranberry Orange Relish. So many people asked for my recipes that I decided to create a whole website, blog, and cookbook to help others who search for the same good foods.

I am recreating recipes and turning traditional into tasty and healthy using only whole, organic ( if avail) foods. I am asking for recipes from readers who would like me to give their recipe a makeover. Please send it via email to with the subject Recipe. I will chose one recipe each week to make over, and post it on this blog, so please send as many as you like. I will run them through the famous Russell Test Kitchen and see what the Official Russell Food Tasting Panel has to say.

I look with great anticipation to a flood of email! I have a few recipes in the works including Guacamole and "Som Tam" which is a Thai Green Papya Salad. Until we meet again- Eat Whole Tasty Food!
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  1. This looks like the stir fry my mom makes. Looks good!

  2. The meat was so tender and had so much flavor!