Thursday, December 31, 2009

What this is all about

We Russells had been married two and  one half years.  Trey and I were in the habit of eating out 4-5 times each week.  Usually at Del Taco or Carl's Jr. Very bad stuff indeed.  I was drinking tons of diet Coke and Trey was drinking straight Coke.  When we did cook, it was usually spaghetti and garlic bread, tacos or burgers, the greasier the better.  Breakfast was Aunt Jemima french toast and sausage sandwiches or eggs, bacon, fried potatoes and a big glass of milk.  My feet hurt to stand for long periods of time and I weighed 267 lbs.  I had tried many diets but always had cravings and felt woozy if I did not eat all the time.  I knew if I did not do something soon, I was going to die. I decided to completely overhaul my lifestyle.


  1. wow, congratulations on your overhaul! I'll keep checking in!!

  2. Me, (Juliana's husband) have lost 4 pants sizes in 4 months on her great new way of life! Thank You Juliana, you are so loved!