Friday, January 15, 2010

Chasing Dinner Challenge

So last night, my husband picked me up from work so I could accompany whole driving my brother-in-law home to Victorville, 80 miles away. The ride was 2 hours up in rush hour bumper –to- bumper traffic. By seven pm, we were extremely hungry and Trey was grumbling under his breath that tonight we were going to go off our diet and just eat whatever. I translated that it to " Let’s eat at Del Taco" .

Sure enough, three minutes later he directed me to the closest one and mentioned that there was a Taco Bell across the street. Now you must understand that this journey from Fast Food Junkies to Organics is not an easy trip. There are family members who sometimes crave outside foods. Now I have made it my mission to only eat food that tastes good on this journey and since this is a lifestyle change, rather than a diet, I know exactly down which path a detour to Del Taco or Taco Bell would take us.

In our former Junk Food Junkie life, dinner planning conversations went something like this:

Trey: It's so hot ( or I'm so tired, or even, you look so tired) Lets grab something cheap and easy for dinner.

Me: Okay, what do you want?

Trey: Well you know the American Heart Association says that Taco Bell bean and cheese burritos are heart healthy. Plus they are only 99 cents. We can bring a few bottles of water, sit outside and feed the whole family for $5.

Me: Sure, that sounds like a good plan.

What really happens: We go and order 3 Mexican pizzas, one Nachos Bell Grande, 3 bean and cheese burrito, six tacos and a humongous soda to share between us. This is not a one-time situation either. It was more of a 6 time per week situation, and it is one reason I grew to be 267 lbs.

Last night was different. I was NOT going down that path again. I let my husband and daughter walk into Del Taco to use the bathroom while I stayed in the car. I noticed a Starbuck's Coffee across the street, grabbed my family and crossed the street. Here, a slightly healthier, fare was found . We feasted on fruit, cheese, and Naked Juice. I even found a granola bar made of organic sprouted seeds, sweetened with agave nectar for the trip home. We topped it off with hot peppermint tea. Yum! They also offered salads that looked good, but we did not try.

When I got home, I felt so good inside and out. I tried to remember how I used to feel after I ate a meal of junk food. The words, sluggish, lazy, icky, stuffed, and sleepy come to mind.

So I have found that when driving down the interstate, Starbucks might have something I can eat on my plan. Next time you find yourself hungry and think fast food are your only options, check out your local Starbucks. Until then enjoy Whole Tasty Food!


  1. Del Taco or Taco Bell...doesn't sound heathy. Congrats for going Organic.

  2. Yay! That is a tough call to make when you are tired. Good for you for having the strength!