Monday, January 11, 2010

Fishing for Complements

So I have been trying to eat everything that is in my freezer. That way I can know for sure that everything from last year is gone and everything I put in will be 2010 food. Since I purchase more expensive meats, 
( grass-fed, organic, wild-caught, free range, etc) it is imperative that all purchases are good deals. And, when I find a great deal, I buy as much as I think will fill my little icebox.

Tonight, I discovered a white package of Ahi Tuna, my husband Trey had left on the counter. That is his signal to me that I am cooking dinner. Since I usually like to toss ingredients in my mind, I did not know where to start.
I threw some sesame oil, tamari sauce, green onion and freshly grated ginger over the fish, squeezed a fresh-cut lime into the bowl and tossed it with my hands. 

I let it marinade, while I steamed broccoli and sliced sweet, juicy, red grapefruit.

I quickly seared the tuna steaks in my favorite cast iron skillet adding the marinade in the last few minutes of cooking, I squirted a bit of lime juice on the broccoli and plated the meal.   My family 
(ok, really just Trey)prefers his fish not so rare, so I did cook it a bit more than it is traditionally cooked, however the liquid from the marinade helped it retain the  moisture needed. It feels so good to eat in such a healthy way.

Until next time...Remember, be on the lookout for Whole Tasty Food!
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  1. mmm that sounds sooooooooooo good! I think we should try that one soon! I like fish but get bored with the usual ways to cook it and now that I am cutting out so many bought sauces I have to learn to be more creative!!